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Bodun / Hangover
1. В нелюди
2. День победы
3. Ушла
4. Сирота
5. Слон
6. Фа-Фа-Фа
7. Warum?
8. Летчик
9. Песня про столбы
10. Зима
11. Отлюбил Information:

Борис Шавейников - барабаны, перкуссия
Виктор Бондарик - бас, перкуссия
Павел Литвинов - перкуссия
Дмитрий Матковский - гитара
Дмитрий Озерский - синтезатор, подпевки
Кирилл Миллер - художник
Николай Рубанов - саксофон, синтезатор
Леонид Фёдоров - вокал, гитара, перкуссия, подпевки
Олег Гаркуша - вокал
Владимир Веселкин - женский голос
Олег Сальхов - звукорежиссер
Михаил Раппопорт - помощник звукорежиссера

Музыка: Леонид Фёдоров и АукцЫон,
Тексты: - Дмитрий Озерский, Олег Гаркуша

Записано на студии SNC в 1991 году

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Soft schizophrenia of the arrangements, gloomy atmosphere, careless song endings, disturbing music, amazing intonations. This is "Auktsyon" - one of the best and weirdest Russian bands. For many "Auktsyon" fans this band is kind of a strong drug: for a swift moment it reveals you the other side of life, changing your apprehension of this world once and forever. And after that "Auktsyon" will never let you go. Stylistic slips, rather simple tunes, terrible soloist's articulation - but all this affects you, taking you to the point of no return.

"Bodun", or "Hang-over", is an album of Great Victory. It is about Victory Day, or, better still, the Victory Morning-after. Schizophrenia starts and wins - three moves and 11 songs to checkmate. You'll be driven through all circles of hang-over - from the first careful accords of madness to the crazy screams: "So why, why have you created me? So why, why have you left me unfinished?" Fasten your seatbelts and have a nice trip.

When they say that today-s Auktsyon is worse than that of the past, I would disregard it- from the times of ?Hangover¦ the city has changed, and the city-s craziness has evolved with it. On some other level now it-s not a mad tea party anymore- instead of lightheartedly complaining of an aching head in the morning, now it-s Lenya Federov at the Chinese Pilot Club, cryptically whispering ?so that my teeth don-t fall out-. So that my eyes don-t leak back is peeling from the silence-¦ And that, of course, is a new Auktsyon (only two left from the band), in a new city.

2.10.1999, Ksenia Rozhdestvenskaya, Zvuki.Ru

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