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Жилец вершин / Mountaintop Dweller
1. Мешок. Бобэоби
2. Благовест
3. Иверни, Выверни
4. Три и два
5. Призраки
6. Гроб
7. Утопленники
8. Могатырь
9. Кузнечик
10. Боги
11. Чудовище
12. Боги II
13. Нега-Неголь
14. Весёлое Место
15. Бобэоби Information:

звук: Алексей Ананьев, Михаил Раппопорт, Александр Мартисов
текст: Велимир Хлебников
музыка: Аукцыон, Анатолий Герасимов и Аукцыон (9)
студия: лсд-фильм 1995
цифровой монтаж и мастеринг: Олег Сальхов и Стас Карякин (Борода), SBI RECORDS
фото: Евгений Мохорев
спасибо Свете за идею обложки
буквы: А.С.

Алексей Хвостенко - вокал, речитатив, подпевки
Анатолий Герасимов - всякие флейты, подпевки, саксофон
Николай Рубанов - саксофон, фортепиано, синтезатор, бас-кларнет, перкуссия, египетская тростниковая дудочка
Павел Литвинов - перкуссия, подпевки
Борис Шавейников - барабаны, перкуссия
Виктор Бондарик - бас, акустическая гитара
Дмитрий Матковский - акустическая гитара, электрогитара, гавайская гитара, перкуссия, тампура, индийская арфочка
Леонид Фёдоров - вокал, подпевки, акустическая гитара, электрогитара, фортепиано, перкуссия
Олег Васильев - труба
Михаил Коловский - туба
Пётр Акимов - виолончель
Дмитрий Каховский - неизвестный струнный марокканский инструмент
Александр Абдулов - табла
Дмитрий Озёрский - подпевки, речитатив
Татьяна Рубанова - вокал
девушка, приведенная Хвостом - мужской голос

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Auktyon as we know it today first appeared in the early 1980s, though in different forms and with different names it existed since 1978. This is one of the most original russian bands. Some critics say that the band drew its first musical inspirations from Western punk rock and new wave, ska, raggey and new-jazz. But now it's almost impossible to define Auktyon's style. Perfect arrangements, unusial vocal and theatricality, weird lyrics make this band totally unique. Auktyon uses an amazingly wide range of instruments- sax, tuba, slide guitar, bass clarinet, xylophone, even gavaian guitar, sitar and 'an unknown musical instrument from Marocco', and each of them is perfectly placed, making the sound of every Auktyon album so addictive.

This release is rather unusual for russian rock: Auktyon's music coexists here with the texts of a great russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov. In the beginning of XX century Khlebnikov tried to create a new language, so-called zaum (usually translated as 'transrational language'), in order to express ideas and emotions directly through sound: 'Bo-bay-o-be, lips were singing. Vay-ay-o-me, eyes were singing'. These texts do not seem alien to Auktyon: for them lyrics start from sounds, which are in turn generated by the music, as Leonid Fyodorov, the leader of the band, says. 'I'm very serious in my attitude to lyrics and to words in general. I don't beleive them. That's why I like 'The Inhabitant of the Peaks'.

Artist and bard singer Alexey Khvostenko (Khvost) participated in this recording together with Auktyon, adding yet another dimension to the project. Maybe that was the reason for Fyodorov to assume: 'I think that 'The Inhabitant of the Peaks' and 'A kettle of Wine' (- another Auktyon album made with the participation of Khvost) are most Auktyon-styled of all'.

2.10.1999, Ksenia Rozhdestvenskaya, Zvuki.Ru

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