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Tour 2001

Novoe Russkoe Slovo (NY, 9.10.01) - will open in new window

TV (NY, 9.10.01) - will open in new window

COBA (NY, 9.05.01) - will open in new window

Photos in NY articles by Igor Aronov

MUSIC REVIEWS NXNW festival doubles as a travel guide by Scott D. Lewis, special to "The Oregonian"s

BXBW: Booze by Booze West by John Graham

Four Nights That Shook The World! by Zach Dundas


"AUKTYON" by Trey Hatch

"AUKTYON: Punk from St.Petersburg" by Sigrun Schober

"Die Gruppe Auktion"

BXBW: Booze by Booze West
Music + Alcohol = L.U.V.


Beverage: Full Sail amber ale

The payoff: You're right--vodka would've been far more appropriate for these freak-rockin' Russkies. But Full Sail's warm glow was heavy enough to march alongside Auktyon's staccato rhythms, yet light enough to bounce with the band's poppier swing. Regardless, as the reed player squealed out liquid-rubber runs on a variety of saxophones and the drummer drilled out machine-gun rat-a-tat fills, anything would've tasted good. Simple rule of thumb: Unique music requires no added input of the liquid sort. Rating: A

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