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Combo Amps
Bass amplifier (for electric bass): Ampeg SVT-CL, SVT-VR; cabinet SVT-810(610), Trace Elliot, Gallien Krueger.
Bass amplifier (for acoustic double-bass): 350WT or higher; Ampeg, Hartkie, Trace Elliot, Gallien Krueger.
Guitar amplifier: Fender Twin, Mesa Boogie, Crate. Please no Marshall!
Keyboards amplifier: Roland KC550

Drummer brings his own cymbals, kick pedal, and snare.

  1. Rug for drums 2m x 2m (6ft x 6ft)
  2. Kick 22"(20")
  3. Rack Tom 12"
  4. Floor Tom 16"(14")
  5. Snare stand, hi-hat stand, 3 boom cymbal stands.
  6. New plastic on the full set; not "demo".
  7. 2 regular chairs (no drum throne) with backrest and without armrests.

  1. One 2-tier stand, and one regular stand
  2. Keyboards with hammer-action keys (Roland RD700), with pedal
  3. Keyboard combo amp Roland KC550

All your questions about technical rider, inputs, monitors, and stage arrangement - send to auktsyon at mail dot ru.

Stage plan

Stage plan

Download technical rider

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